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POPCS Students Innovate. POPCS SmartLab Elevates.

SmartLab Virtual Tour

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Grade 7

"I love the SmartLab because it gives me the freedom to express myself.  There is so much you can do and the sky is really the limit for what you can learn.  Plus, if you show that you are responsible, Mr. Knotts will let you do almost anything."

 Grade 5

"In the SmartLab we are learning about things, we are experiencing things. How can you not love SmartLab with a teacher like Mr. Knotts!"

  Grade 4

“My favorite part of SmartLab is mechanics and I like that I get to use my own ideas to do things instead of just using Mr. Knotts’ ideas. I also like the SmartLab because we learn things but still have a lot of fun in every class.”