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Grade 1

Rotation 1

POP students will explore the world of Mechanics and Structures with the use of the following building kits: Magna-Tiles, Clics, Geometric Shapes, Zoobs, K'Nex and Lux Blox. These kits are designed for students to use creativity while devloping problem-solving skills.



Magna-Tiles are a STEM construction system. The pieces are plastic tiles of varying shapes that snap together magnetically, allowing POP students to build various geometric structures. Using their creative skills to design and build while solving problems at the same time.


Clics is a building tool that guarantees creativity and problem solving. The blocks have a unique click system that allows POP students to build things quickly and easily. All parts fit together seamlessly, creating endless possibilities. Versatile STEM kit for POP students with limitless imaginations!



POP students are challenged  to build and explore the properties of as many basic 2D and 3D shapes as they can with the Geometric Shapes Building Set.

Then, they will build a 3D model of a structure or object they can find in their environment. 


ZOOB are building sets that have five different styles of pieces that snap together in 20 ways to make connections that rotate, limbs that extend, axels that spin and much more. POP students use these different pieces to create, design and build objects.



POP students share  that they can create anything they can think up! The flexibility and durability of Straws and Connectors make everything possible. A house, a horse, a helicopter! POP students use their imagination to design, build and create. Building with Straws and Connectors promotes learning: STEM, creative thinking, spatial planning, and visual-motor skills.


POP students create structures that move, bend, and flex. Build biological and chemical structures. This promotes mathematical concepts and problem solving while engaging in creative thinking.

POP students are challenged to build 3D shapes and measure its surface area using Lux Blox building blocks.

Their other challenge is to build a track that allows a marble or small ball to travel from top of the run to bottom in the shortest amount of time. Your ball must stay on the track. Your marble run must have at least two towers and a bridge that connects the two towers. 

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