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PProject #1

Geometric Shapes, Zoobs and LEGOS

        Mechanics and StructuresPThe Full Story


Geometric Shapes

POP students are challenged  to build and explore the properties of as many basic 2D and 3D shapes as they can with the Geometric Shapes Building Set.

Then, they will build a 3D model of a structure or object they can find in their environment. 


Mechanics and Structures
Zoobs and LEGOS



ZOOB are building sets that have five different styles of pieces that snap together in 20 ways to make connections that rotate, limbs that extend, axels that spin and much more. POP students use these different pieces to create, design and build objects.


POP wants students to study how things move in the real world. The principal thinks this could be done by building an amusement park. POP students are challenged to build a ride that would help students to learn about how things move. Students will plan, design and build sample amusement park rides.

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