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Bridge Designer

POP students are challenged to use Bridge Designer to engineer a cost-effective truss bridge that will support a two-lane highway across the river valley.

The City of Carrollton is expanding its planning department to meet the growing needs of the city. They are hiring a structural engineer, who will be responsible for designing a bridge to meet the needs of their growing infrastructure.

POP students are among the final candidates! The problem is that the last tax increase did not get approved and now they have to build the bridge with a smaller budget.

How will thee POP students design a bridge that is safe, sturdy, and within the budgeted amount?


Snap Circuits

POP students  will lean "How loads and power sources are arranged in a circuit that can make a huge difference in how a circuit performs! POP students will learn the differences between series or parallel circuits as they build, test and compare a variety of circuits. They will discover how to use a digital multimeter to measure current and voltage in the circuits they build."

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