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POPCS SmartLab Curriculum

Ready to Engage!

Students continue on the path to developing lifelong learning interests to not only problem-solve but to develop an appreciation of how things work while collaborating in a logical and creative way.

Each Learning Launcher Engagement Provides:

  • Engaging, hands-on, minds-on, project-based activities in STEM/STEAM and related topics

  • Applied technology to reinforce academics with real world learning and build next-generation skills

  • Student-centered, sustained inquiry activities with multiple challenge levels and opportunities for students to shape and expand learning around their own interests, abilities and learning styles

  • Connections to core academic content and alignment to standards

  • Extension activities for advanced learners to explore topics in even greater depth


Systems of Technology


Computer Graphics

Digital Communications

Mechanics and Structures

Robotics and Control Technology

Scientific Data and Analysis

Software Engineering


Learning Levels

Activity Cards

  • Printable cards are designed to meet the needs of young learners. Introductory, whole-class STEM learning experiences feature developmentally appropriate hands-on learning resources.

Express and Liftoff Challenges

  • Project-based activities are created with lower and middle school students in mind. Students explore STEM/STEAM topics and applied technology concepts with support from tutorials and tips.

Learning Launchers at Levels 1, 2, & 3

  • Collaborative, project-based learning experiences are created for POPCS school students. A variety of challenge levels inspire students to develop their skills and understanding of applied technologies and engage in their own original inquiry.

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