eLearning Core

Engagements Grades 4-8

Learning Made Fun While Away From School

SmartLabs are designed with a constructivist approach. Because it is believed that students gain knowledge through their unique experiences, this space whether at school or home will provide  students with the opportunity to guide their own learning and the ways in which they make meaning from their experiences. It is normal, and even expected, that the final product of these experiences will vary with each student. The curriculum is written with an age-appropriate degree of scaffolding, but open-ended enough to allow creativity and integration of interests.

eLearning: What to Expect 


Webinar #1

What will eLearning Look like in the SmartLab?

Webinar #2

What is the Launchpad?

Webinar #3

Learning how to use the Liftoff Challenges and Learning Launchers.

Webinar #4

Using e-Portfolios and making presentations.

Project 1

Tinkercad Circuits

Project 2

Tinkercad or Cookie Caster


eLearning Outline

August - October

Project 3

Google Arts & Culture

Project 4

Tessellation Mania

Project 5

Google Maps

Project 6


Project 7

Climate Kids

Project 8

Code Combat