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Island 2 Ozoblockly

Robotics and Control Technology

Robots Inc. needs YOU!

The Robots Inc. team of mechanical and electrical engineers has designed and built lots of robots capable of many things. They need YOU to be their software engineers and write the software programs that tell the robots how to move and communicate with their users.

The challenge is to program a robot lawn mower to go over a whole lawn and to use light effects to show when it is mowing.


Ozoblockly: Program a Lawn Mower

How To Program A Robotic Lawnmower

A robot can look human-like but does not have to. What makes a machine a robot is that it has sensors to gather information and uses that information to figure out what to do. Robots do not actually make “decisions” or “think." Their software programming tells them what to do in different situations. However, a really advanced robot with complex software can seem like it is making decisions, which makes it seem human-like.

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