Island 1 Frames-Stop Motion Animation

Digital Communication

Learn what Stop-Motion Animation is and how is it done. Students learn how to use the Frames software to make their first animated video using existing media content.


Frames-Stop Motion Animation

What is it?

What Is Frames Software?

Frames is a software application that lets you tell your story with clay animation, stop-motion, and cartoons.

Explore Frames and learn to: 

  • Use drawing tools to create your own illustrations

  • Clone shapes and frames to build cartoons

  • Add images from a camera 

  • Add backgrounds to your frames

  • Add narration and background sounds

  • Add text, titles, and transitions

What Is Stop Motion Animation?

Stop-motion animation is a great way to tell a story. Animation means to be full of life. Stop-motion animation is a process that brings your character to life one frame at at time.

What is a Frame?

A frame is one picture in a series of pictures that make up a movie.  We measure frame rate in frames per second (fps). This means that every second a certain number of frames are shown. Objects are moved between frames and when the frames are played back in order, the character appears to be moving and is brought to life. More frames per second make the movements look smoother and harder to distinguish. Fewer frames can make the animation look choppier.