Island 3 Vernier Sensors Batteries

Scientific Data and Analysis

Students will continue to develop the "scientific method" and discover how to collect experimental data with digital sensors and software. Experiment with sensors that measure current and voltage.


Vernier Sensors-Batteries

How To Measure Batteries

Your Challenge: Types of Batteries

When it comes to batteries, many of you don’t look past the number of A’s on the label. AA for chunkier devices, AAA batteries for the TV remote, and the odd specialist watch battery or square 9v for the smoke alarm. But when it comes to batteries, what’s inside often counts for just as much as the shape.

In this Learning Launcher students will: 

·   Make observations about the size of different batteries.

·   Use a probe to measure the voltage of various batteries.

·   Make simple circuits with batteries and bulbs.

·   Compare the voltages of different types of stacked batteries.

·   Draw conclusions about batteries in electronic devices.