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Island 3 Garageband- Remixing-Designing a Ringtone

Digital Communication

POP students will be challenged to create personalized ringtones for your closest contacts. Each ringtone should communicate something about who they are


Garageband: Remixing-Designing A  Ringtone

What POP Students Will Learn With Garageband

​POP students will:

  • understand the basic elements of music – beat, tempo, rhythm, volume, and timbre

  • learn how musical elements can affect the mood of a musical piece

  • learn GarageBand Basics: navigating the workspace, using Apple Loops, editing tracks, and projects using patches, project properties, and automation settings

Testing their ringtone:

Before finalizing their ringtones, POP students will test them out on their classmates. 

They will ask them to…

  • Listen to a ringtone (Make sure you do not tell them anything about the person it represents).

  • Discuss their first impressions of the music, and what they may say about the person represented by the tune.

  • List adjectives, characteristics, and/or interests they think of when listening to the ringtone.

  • Identify what they heard that made them think of those things.

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