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Island 1 Bridge Designer

Mechanics & Structures

POP students are challenged  to use Bridge Designer to engineer a cost-effective truss bridge that will support a two-lane highway across the river valley.


Bridge Designer

How hard is it to design a bridge under budget?


What Is a Bridge?

A bridge is a structure that spans a landform in order to provide passage over an obstacle.

  • They can cross a variety of landforms, such as valleys or crevasses, streets, and bodies of water (rivers or lakes).

  • They can be built to accommodate many loads, including cars, pedestrians, trains, bikes, and animals.

  • There are many different types of bridges. The chosen design depends on several factors:

    • The length needed

    • Whether it crosses over water, a valley, a street, or some other obstacle

    • Available materials

    • General location

    • Potential maintenance

Types of Bridges:

  • Beam bridges are used for a span of less than 250 feet. They are made of a deck supported by piers.

  • Truss bridges are made up of a framework of beams in the form of a triangle that work to form a rigid structure.

  • Suspension bridges have a bridge deck held up by cables. 

  • Arch bridges offer natural strength and are some of the oldest functioning bridges in the world.

About Bridge Designer:

Bridge Designer is a challenging, computer simulation program. It allows POP students to design and test hundreds of different types of bridges. 

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