Island 2 Engine-Building Bridges

Mechanics and Structures

Students will learn about what it takes to build a strong structure. Students will build their own bridge models based on what they learn.


Engino-Bridge Building

What is it?

The world around you is filled with a wide range of structures that have been engineered to withstand the forces that act on them. Students will be challenged is to use Engino Architecture Kit pieces to build a variety of structures to understand how different shapes work together to create strong buildings and bridges.

What Is A Bridge?

A bridge is a structure that spans a landform in order to provide passage over an obstacle.

  • They can cross a variety of landforms, such as valleys, streets, and bodies of water (rivers or lakes).

  • They can be built to accommodate many loads, including cars, pedestrians, trains, bikes, and animals.

  • There are many different types of bridges. The chosen design depends on several factors:

    • The length needed

    • Whether it crosses over water, a valley, a street, or some other obstacle

    • Available materials

    • General location

    • Potential maintenance

Types of Bridges

Bridge types generally fall into four categories: 1) Beam, 2) Truss, 3) Suspension, and 4) Arch.