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Island 4 Garageband-Creating Your Own Ringtones

Digital Communication

POP students will explore digital sound engineering and the power of music to communicate as they create ringtones for their closest contacts. Each ringtone should communicate something about their contact. Students are successful if a classmate can figure out what their ringtones communicate about the people they represent.

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Garageband: Create Your Own Ringtone

Creating A Ringtone

Ringtones Using Garageband:

Music is a powerful communicator and it is your job to leverage this power for your challenge.

Your mission is to create personalized ringtones for your closest contacts. Each ringtone should communicate something about who they are:

  • Personality

  • Character

  • Interests

  • How you feel about them

  • How they make you feel, etc.

What POP Students Will Learn

  • Basics elements of music – beat, tempo, rhythm, volume, and timbre

  • How musical elements can affect the mood of a musical piece

  • GarageBand Basics: navigating the workspace, using Apple Loops, editing tracks, and projects using patches, project properties, and automation settings

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