Island 4 Tello Drones

Robotics and Control Technology

Students will learn how to pilot the Tello Drone with the Tello app and program with Swift Playgrounds and DroneBlocks

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Tello Drone

Programming a Drone?


What is the Tello Drone?

The Tello Drone is a compact quadcopter, meaning it has four motors connected to propellers that allow it to fly in any direction. The propellers spin just like on a helicopter, but they do not tilt to change how the drone moves. How does it fly in different directions, then?

Drones like the Tello use intelligent flight control computer chips to adjust the speed of each propeller to change how the drone moves.

The propellers on quadcopters rotate in two different directions to overcome the tendency to twist in the air. The forces generated by the propeller blades rotating in opposite directions are canceled out, resulting in stable flight.

Controlling a Drone

To make the drone fly forward, the flight control chip increases the speed of the rear propellers compared to the front propellers. This makes the drone tilt forward in the air, giving it forward motion. The same thing happens for movement in any direction.