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Island 4 Tinkercad

Computer Graphics

What You Will Learn:

  • What are vector graphics?

  • How to use Tinkercad to make simple 3D drawings.

  • How to access Tinkercad resources to learn more tools and techniques.


Tinkercad: Drawing 3D Objects

What is Tinkercad?

Tinkercad is drawing software that allows students to draw in three dimensions (3D). With Tinkercad students may look at their drawing from the side, top, or bottom. Students can shrink or enlarge the drawing too.

Tinkercad Creates Vector Drawings

vector image uses mathematical formulas to make lines. These lines can be combined to form shapes (or geometric “objects”). Another term for vector is “object-oriented."

Since Tinkercad is a vector program, the designs students create can be changed in size without losing any detail.

3D Printing: How Does It Work?

After students draw their object with software and send their drawing to the 3D printer, the printer converts their design into lots of very thin layers. Then, using hot plastic, the printer builds their object one layer at a time. It’s like building a cake one very thin layer at a time. The 3D printer starts at the bottom and adds layers on top.

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