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Island 6 Snap Circuits Green Energy


Have you ever heard people say that we need to conserve energy because we are running out of it? They were probably talking about non-renewable energy sources like fossil fuels. We are quickly using up these resources, so it is becoming more important for us to find and use renewable energy sources. One resource we will always have is human power. The challenge is to produce and store energy using human power. Then, test to see if the energy you produce can power a fan, motor, lights, and more. Students will use Snap Circuits with the hand crank to design, build, and test their ideas.


Snap Circuits-Green Energy

Green Energy

*When we conserve energy, we are doing our best to use it wisely. Whenever we can, we try to find ways to save energy. When we use energy, we try not to use more than we need. 

*Non-renewable energy comes from sources that get used up. The planet may naturally form more, but not for millions of years.

*Fossil fuels are made from the remains of plants and animals. Layers of these remains, dirt, and rock build up over time. After millions of years, the heat and pressure turn them into oil, coal, and natural gas.

*Renewable energy comes from sources that do not run out. Examples sources are the wind, water, the sun, and human power.

What is Renewable Energy?

Renewable energy sources include wind, solar, water, biomass, and human power.

  • Wind: Wind turbines are turned by the wind. As the turbines turn, they spin a generator. The motion creates energy, which converts into electricity. 

  • Solar: Sunlight shines on solar panels, which are made to convert light energy into electricity.

  • Water: Flowing water turns a wheel to do work or to make electricity.

  • Biomass: Energy is made from plants and other organic materials.

  • Human power: People do work to create energy.

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