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Island 2 IQ Key Geared For Speed and Power

Mechanics and Structures

Experiment with different gear capsules to create the fastest race car and the most powerful climbing car.


IQ Key-Geared for Speed And Power

Using IQ Key

One of the most basic properties of energy is that it can be transformed (changed in type) and transferred (moved between points in space).

When you connect batteries to an IQ Key machine, the chemical energy stored in the batteries is transformed into electrical energy. The motor in an IQ Key machine then converts the electrical energy into mechanical energy.

The mechanical energy is used to move parts, like wheels or a fan. In order to move four different wheels at four different corners of a car, for example, we need to be able to transfer that energy to each location from the motor. In this case, we can use gears and gear shafts. 

Knowing how energy flows through a system is important when building mechanical devices.

About Gears

The combination of gears in a vehicle is important. Without the right gears, a car might not move, no matter how hard you step on the gas. It is important to pick the right gear combinations for your needs.

Speed vs. Torque

Gears allow us to control the type of work a machine does. Some gear combinations create speed. Other gear combinations create torque. Gear combination is a key difference between a car that needs to go very fast on a flat road and a heavy truck that needs to climb a steep hill on rough terrain.

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