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Island 3 Google Arts & Culture  

Digital Communication

POP students will be challenged to curate their own virtual art exhibition using Google Arts & Culture. Choose a topic and select artworks that best represent their ideas. Then create an educational resource to accompany the exhibition, such as an audio tour, video, catalog, or a graphic pane


Island 3 Google Arts and Culture

Digital Communication

Understanding Art:

An art exhibition is a collection of art that is carefully chosen to teach or tell a story. To curate a great art exhibition, you need certain knowledge and skills. You need to be able to:

  • Recognize how an artwork makes a person feel/think/react.

  • Analyze what you see in order to understand these reactions.

  • Identify the artist’s intent.

  • Evaluate whether the artist was successful. Did the artwork have the intended affect on you?

Elements of Art:

In order to analyze art, it helps to understand how artists use elements of art and design to communicate with their audiences.

  • How do curves communicate energy?

  • How can colors affect mood?

  • How do artists use the elements of art to create emphasis?

Find these answers and more on the Getty Museum website:

Elements of Art (Line, Shape/Form, Space, Color, Texture).

Principles of Design (Balance, Emphasis, Movement).

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