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Island 3 Genius Square

Logic and Problem Solving

Solving the Genius Square

  • There are more than 60, 000 possibilities in this challenge: This STEM puzzle game uses a  combination of dice, location of the blockers, and set of color shapes, there are 62, 208 possible solutions in the 6X6 grid! Think about it… what is the possibility you will solve all the combinations?


Genius Square

Introducing the Challenge

This island challenge is a table game that includes 1 grid, 7 dice, 1 set of 7 blockers, and 1 set of 9 colored shapes. 

Genius square promotes problem solving and motor manipulation skill training. Roll the seven dice together and place a blocker in each of the co-ordinates that appear on the faces. Now. . . RACE to fill every other space on the grid! Speed up your brain and hands! Will you win?

Find that One Solution..Or More than One?

This board game is confirmed that all of arrangements have AT LEAST one possible solution for each, and maybe even more! Some are very easy, and some are much harder. Find a solution first, then challenge yourself to find another one… and… another one?

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