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 Island 4 iMovie-Make A Change- Public Service Announcement

Digital Communication

POP students are challenged  to encourage positive change within POPCS by editing video clips using iMovie. They will conduct a survey to strengthen their argument. They will create a video using different camera angles and use iMovie to add text and sound effects to create an engaging video to motivate others to support their opinion.


Island 4 iMovie- Make A Change-Public Service Announcement

Digital Communication

Important Vocabulary:

Survey- to gather information about a specific question or topic.

  • Variable- an unknown number represented by a letter.

  • Word problems- a real-life math problem written in the form of sentences or a short paragraph that needs to be solved.

  • Storyline- details about what will happen within the video.

  • Video clips- short videos that can be put together to create a longer video.

  • Transitions- a way to combine different video clips to make it fit together in a more natural way; completed during post-production.

  • Sound effects- sounds added to a video to enhance the experience for viewers.

  • Camera angle- location of the camera to create different viewpoints for a video.

What is a Survey?

A survey is when an individual gathers information about a specific question or topic. First, a question must be created.


Do you think recess should be longer, shorter, or stay the same?

Math is the best class ever! Do you agree or disagree?

We should be allowed to chew gum in class. Do you agree or disagree?

Then, the results can be added up and used to support the specific question or topic presented.

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