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Island 6 Oculus-Quest 2 Virtual Reality

Digital Communication

POP students will learn how to use Oculus Quest 2 to explore virtual worlds and view VR content created using a 360 degree camera.


Island 6 Oculus Quest 2- Virtual Reality

Using a 360 Camera to create Virtual Reality Content

Capturing 360 Photos and Videos

POP students will create their own content for VR, they will be using a specially made camera that has multiple lenses to form a "sphere" of images that can be viewed in VR. The wide-angle of each lens captures half of the spherical image to create a full view. POP students using a  360 camera, will create fun and immersive images and videos for their Oculus Quest 2.

POP students will consider some of the ideas below for VR content

  • Make a video tour of POPCS, highlighting some of the most popular areas on campus like maybe the SmartLab?

  • Take a series of 360 photos with a set of objects or people hidden in the background of the images for others to find using the VR headset. (Think of this as a virtual hide and seek or Where's Waldo exercise.)

  • Record a video of an event like a football game or music concert.

  • Record a time-lapse of a class period that they can review in VR. With all the different activities going on in the SmartLab, they will have plenty to review with the VR headset that they wouldn't see normally.

  • Film a walk through a park and then playback the video as a "tiny planet." While they can't really view a tiny planet image or video using the Oculus headset, it is still an awesome way of using a 360 camera.

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