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POPCS SmartLab Rotation 4  

Island 1

 Lux Blox

The challenge is to use Lux Blox building pieces to explore probability. Students will also use Lux Blox to calculate perimeter and area. They will use Lux Blox to solve real life problems.


Island 3

Zometools - Bridges

Learn about different types of bridges and how they are engineered for strength. Students then test their knowledge with a bridge they design and test themselves.


Island 5

 Climate Kids

Students use NASA's Climate Kids website to learn about global climate change and share ideas on how we can slow down or stop global warming.


Island 6

Snap Circuits-Green Energy

Students will learn about alternative energy and turbines. Then, they will build their own circuits with hand crank power!


Island 2


Program a robot to mow a lawn on its own using OzoBlockly, a block coding application. Once students can program it to mow a rectangular lawn, they are challenged to program it to mow other kinds of lawns as well without crashing into houses or mowing over gardens.


Island 4


Learn the basics of drawing and painting with computer software. Students apply knowledge to design and create original products in three dimensions with Tinkercad. With a 3-D printer, students can print  their own original design.

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