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POPCS SmartLab Rotation 2  

Island 1

Tinkercad Drawing 3D Objects

Learn the basics of drawing and painting with computer software. Apply your knowledge to designing objects in three dimensions with Tinkercad. Use Tinkercad to create an original product. With a 3-D printer, print your design.


Island 3
Gizmos: Ingenious Machines

POP students will use the Engineering Design process to build remote controlled robots/machines.


Island 4

 Zometools-Bridge Building

Learn about different types of bridges and how they are engineered for strength. Then test your knowledge with a bridge you design and test yourself.


Island 5
 Snap Circuits-Code Rover

Use Snap Circuits to create a rover. Using resistors, RC controllers and motor controllers to design and build a rover. The final product is a timed obstacle course competition.


Island 6

Makey-Makey You're In Control

Turn your whole world into a keyboard and mouse with Makey Makey. Using Makey-Makey software to make a programmable circuit.


Island 2

 IQ Key Geared for Speed & Power


Experiment with different gear capsules to create the fastest race car and the most powerful climbing car. Students will learn about gear ratios and how it relates to power and speed.

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