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POPCS SmartLab Rotation 3  

Island 1
 Animation-ish Advanced-ish

Learn what Stop-Motion Animation is and how is it done. Learn how to use the Animation-ish Advanced-ish software to make more complex animated videos using existing media content.


Island 3
Solar Energy: Solar Photovoltaics with Vernier

Design your own research experiment using the Vernier voltage probe, computer interface and analytical software to determine the best battery.


Island 4

Learn the basics about astronomical objects, constellations, and concepts. Then, conduct your own hunt for these interesting objects in the sky using Stellarium to explore them first hand.


Island 5
 LEGO Pneumatics: Make a Scissor Lift

POP students are challenged  to build a scissor lift with LEGO Pneumatics and then explain how it works.


Island 6
Snap Circuit Bric

POP students can use their imagination to combine Snap Circuits® with ordinary building bricks and make endless combinations of construction and circuitry.


Island 2
Engino Building Bridges

POP students will learn about different types of bridges and how they are engineered for strength. Then begin building bridges with Engino building kits.

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