POPCS SmartLab Rotation 3  

Island 1

 Frames-Stop Motion Animation

Learn what Stop-Motion Animation is and how is it done. Learn how to use the Frames software to make your first animated video using existing media content.


Island 3

 Vernier Batteries

Design your own research experiment using the Vernier voltage probe, computer interface and analytical software to determine the best battery.


Island 4

 Stellarium-Exploring the Celestial Sphere

Learn the basics about astronomical objects, constellations, and concepts. Then, conduct your own hunt for these interesting objects in the sky using Stellarium to explore them first hand.


Island 5

 Bridge Designer-Exploring Virtual Bridge Design

Learn about different types of bridges and how they are engineered for strength. Then begin exploring virtual bridge design with Bridge Designer.


Island 6

 Oculus GO Virtual Reality

Learn how to use Oculus Go to explore virtual worlds and view VR content created using a 360 degree camera.


Island 2


Learn the principles of simple and compound machines. Discover how to build machines with great mechanical advantage by using worm gears and toothed gears.