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POPCS SmartLab Rotation 3  

Island 1
 Animation-ish Advanced-ish

Learn what Stop-Motion Animation is and how is it done. Learn how to use the Animation-ish Advanced-ish software to make more complex animated videos using existing media content.


Island 3
GarageBand- ReMixing-Designing a Ringtone

POP students will explore digital sound engineering and the power of music to communicate as they create ringtones for your closest contacts. Each ringtone should communicate something about their contact. 


Island 4

Learn the basics about astronomical objects, constellations, and concepts. Then, conduct your own hunt for these interesting objects in the sky using Stellarium to explore them first hand.


Island 5
 LEGO Pneumatics: Make a Scissor Lift

POP students are challenged  to build a scissor lift with LEGO Pneumatics and then explain how it works.


Island 6
Snap Circuit Bric

POP students can use their imagination to combine Snap Circuits® with ordinary building bricks and make endless combinations of construction and circuitry.


Island 2
Engino Building Bridges

POP students will learn about different types of bridges and how they are engineered for strength. Then begin building bridges with Engino building kits.


Island 7
Meeper Bot

The most versatile remote-control toys on the planet! The MeeperBOT is a studded platform that is powered by two motors and controlled by a MeeperBOT Controller App on a smart device. MeeperBOT turns the brick kit and creations into movable masterpieces. POP students will connect creations to this power platform to bridge physical and digital learning.

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