POPCS SmartLab Rotation 4  

Island 3

 Vernier Magnetic Forces

Design your own research experiment using the Vernier magnetic sensor, computer interface and analytical software to determine the strength of various magnets.


Island 4

 Tello Drone

Learn how to pilot the Tello Drone with the Tello app and program with Swift Playgrounds and DroneBlocks

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Island 6

 Snap Circuit Bric

What are different ways to create circuits with more than one light or power source? Learn about parallel and series circuits as you build and test types of different circuit design.


Island 2

 Engino Building Bridges

Learn about what it takes to build a strong structure. Build your own bridge models based on what you learn.


Island 1

 LEGO Pneumatics-Make A Scissor Lift

Can you build a lift powered by air? Explore pneumatics with Legos through mini pneumatic building challenges, finishing with the creation of a scissor lift. Figure out what the strongest lift looks like.


Island 5

 LEGO EV3 Driving With Sensors

Robots frequently use sensors to guide their movement. Choose an EV3 sensor and complete a series of challenges moving around a challenge board.