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POPCS SmartLab Rotation 4  

Island 3
 Meeper BOT

POP students will design and build their own robot out of LEGO parts and program it to carry out a mission via bluetooth. Will the mission be successful?


Island 4
 Garageband Ringtones

POP students will use Garageband along with a MIDI keyboard to design their own personalized ringtone.

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Island 6
 Snap Circuit-Designing An Alarm System

POP students will learn about specialized electrical components called sensors and integrated circuits. Then apply their new knowledge as they build a variety of working alarm system circuits


Island 2
Fischertechnik Static Level 2 Machines and Gears

Learn about what it takes to build a strong structure. Build your own structure models based on what you learn.


Island 1
 Bridge Designer

POP students can learn about different types of bridges and how they are engineered for strength. Then begin exploring virtual bridge design with Bridge Designer.


Island 5

 LEGO EV3 Driving With Sensors

Robots frequently use sensors to guide their movement. Choose an EV3 sensor and complete a series of challenges moving around a challenge board.

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