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POPCS SmartLab Rotation 2  

Island 1
Cue-The Robot

Robots only do what you tell them to do. 

POP students will be challenged  to learn how to program Cue to do whatever they want it to. They will start by completing the Wonder activities, which will teach them how to program in Cue's unique Make Code language. Then when they are ready, they will write their own unique program for Cue to follow.  


Island 3
Extreme Weather And Monster Storms Level 1

Have you ever wondered why some tornados can be two-miles long? Or, why we have hurricanes that are strong enough to wipe out whole coastal areas? 

POP students will learn about weather and climate and discover how extreme weather and monster storms are formed. 


Island 5
Fluid Dynamics

POP students will learn one of the most important areas of physics is the study of fluids and of their principles.


Island 6
Oculus-Quest 2 Virtual Reality

POP students will learn how to use Oculus Quest 2 to explore virtual worlds and view VR content created using a 360 degree camera.


Island 2
 Exploring Virtual Bridge With Bridge Designer

 POP students are challenged using Bridge Designer to engineer a cost-effective truss bridge that will support a two-lane highway across the river valley in Carrollton, Texas.


Island 4
 Punch Home Design Suite-Level 2
Design Within a Budget-Landscape Design

POP students will continue working on their project and must work within  a budget. They will learn money-saving design tips and explore the many trade-offs necessary to design a home without "breaking the bank" Suite. POP students will learn that there is a lot more to landscape design than they might have thought! They will discover the many factors landscape designers must consider.

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