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POPCS SmartLab Rotation 3  

Island 1
IQ Level 2 Mighty Machines

POP students will explore the concept of mechanical advantage. Design and measure the might of their machines!

Many vehicles are built for speed, like race cars. Other vehicles, however, need power to go up hills or pull heavy loads. For example, a semi-truck needs to be able to pull a lot of weight over long distances. Farming tractors also have to be able to pull heavy machinery over farmland.


Island 5
Snapino Level 1 Snappy Code Combos

POP students will experiment with different sample circuits and code. Then, combine ideas from each project to make a new and more complex circuit of their own.


Island 6
Code Combat/Ozaria: Introduction to Python

POP students will learn how to use the Python script language to write code including methods, arguments, strings, loops and variables to control their hero!


Island 2
Magnetic Marble Run

 POP students are challenged using Magnetic Marble Run to create or follow the instructions to make a marble travel through a series of tracks to reach the end of the run without falling off the track.


Island 3
Energy Efficiency Level 1 Infrared Cameras

Everyday objects radiate infrared waves when they're hot. Infrared waves are outside of our visible light spectrum, but an infrared camera can help one see what is invisible to the naked eye. POP students will use this information to help them learn about friction, conductivity, and insulators.


Island 4
Level 1 - Introduction to Stop Motion Animation with Frames

POP students will learn what Stop-Motion Animation is and how is it done. Learn how to use the Frames software to make their first animated video using existing media content. 

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