POPCS SmartLab Rotation 1  

Island 1


The challenge given is to build an inclined plane machine to show how inclined planes make work easier. When you think of an inclined plane, you might think of a ramp, but even a jar has a type of inclined plane in its design. In order to understand this better, students will work together to either create and/or build inclined planes so that they may come to the understanding of what an inclined plane really is.

Island 3

 Comic Life 3

Comics Have Order
Use the sequence or order of a comic's images to tell a story. Some comics use both images and words, and others only use images.


Island 5

 Geometric Shapes

The challenge is to build and explore the properties of as many basic 2D and 3D shapes as possible with the Geometric Shapes Building Set. Then, students will build a 3D model of a structure or object they can find in their environment.



Island 6

 Energy Efficiency

Determine the wattage and lumen level of the bulbs in the SmartLab and around the school using a light sensor. Decide if the bulbs maximize energy efficiency and support student learning. Students will create a presentation to share what they learned.



Island 2


Challenge a team to create YOUR maze. Design a maze that Ozobot can follow. Then, write clear, detailed instructions so another team can recreate your design. This activity uses markers and paper or an iPad.

Island 4

 Circuit Maze

The challenge is to build circuits that light up colored beacons. Students will choose challenge cards that tell them which colored beacons to light and which pieces (game tokens) to use. See how many of the 60 challenge cards they can solve!