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POPCS SmartLab Rotation 1  

Island 1


The challenge given is to build an inclined plane machine to show how inclined planes make work easier. When you think of an inclined plane, you might think of a ramp, but even a jar has a type of inclined plane in its design. In order to understand this better, students will work together to either create and/or build inclined planes so that they may come to the understanding of what an inclined plane really is.


Island 2


Challenge a team to create YOUR maze. Design a maze that Ozobot can follow. Then, write clear, detailed instructions so another team can recreate your design. This activity uses markers and paper or an iPad.


Island 3

 Comic Life 3

Comics Have Order
Use the sequence or order of a comic's images to tell a story. Some comics use both images and words, and others only use images.


Island 5
 Engino: Creative Engineering

POP students will explore the amazing worlds of space exploration and rovers. Experience STEM with captivating experiments & activities, developing their knowledge, and challenging construction designs.


Island 6
Architecture Building Communities

POP students will use ArcKit GO 2.0 building materials to learn about architecture as they design a buildings for their community.


Island 4

 Circuit Maze

The challenge is to build circuits that light up colored beacons. Students will choose challenge cards that tell them which colored beacons to light and which pieces (game tokens) to use. See how many of the 60 challenge cards they can solve!


Tiny House Design

POP students will use graph paper to design their tiny house. After they design it, students will use 3Dux kits to build their tiny home to a scale model. They will finish their build with 3D printed furniture.

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