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Island 1 K'nex Simple Machines

Mechanics and Structures

The challenge is to build an inclined plane machine so students can show how inclined planes make work easier. When you think of an inclined plane, you might think of a ramp, but even a jar has a type of inclined plane in its design.


K'nex Simple Machines

Machines Make Work Easier

You do work when you push a cart or pull a wagon. The job of a machine is to make work easier. It does this by changing how force is used to move an object, or load.

For example, you do work when you push a grocery cart at the store.

Pushing is the force you apply to your cart (your machine) to easily move groceries (your load). You also do work when you pull something in a wagon. A force can be a push or a pull.

Machines Need Energy To Work

A machine needs a source of energy in order to do work.

With some machines, you may act as that source of energy, like a person riding their bicycle around the lake.

An energy source supplies energy to the machine so that it can do the work.

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