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Island 2 Ozobot

Get to know your Robot

The Ozobot Robot on Island 2 moves and changes color. It responds to codes that control these and other functions of the robot. The Ozobot controller is programmed to read color codes, but POPCS students will write coded programs for Ozobot.



How Ozobot Uses Line and Color:
Ozobot has five sensors underneath it which it uses to sense color. Once you turn on Ozobot, it will begin to search for color. If it senses color, it will begin to move in search of lines (paths) to follow.
How Engineers Solve Problems
First, they write technical requirements to define what a solution must be able to do. Then, they write design specifications to identify how their solution should solve the problem. Next, they do research, design a solution, build it, and document the instructions so they can build it again later. This is all part of the Engineering Design Process (EDP).
The Engineering Design Process is a method engineers use to develop solutions to problems.


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