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Island 4
Lego WeDo 2.0: 
Milo the Science Rover

Computer Programming

Students will build a science rover using LEGO WeDo 2.0. Then, program it to find and collect samples of natural material (plant, animal, rock, etc.) just like NASA’s Mars rovers.

NASA sends rovers to Mars to “seek signs of life." Years ago, scientists found proof that there was once water on Mars. Water is a key to life but it is not the only thing needed for life to form and survive. Now NASA's goal is to find other signs of life. Think of a flower: Can it survive on water alone? What else does it need to live and grow?


LeGo WeDo 2.0: Milo the Science Rover

What are Machines and Robots?

A machine makes work easier by using a source of energy.

A robot is a type of machine, but not all machines are robots. Some (advanced) machines can do their jobs automatically because of the software programs that tell them exactly what to do. 

All machines, including robots, are made up of mechanical parts. However, only some machines and ALL robots also use electricity to function.

Robots are even more advanced than other automatic machines because they have a controller, which is programmed by software, and sensors to adjust to new situations. With more advanced robots, you do not even have to adjust settings for these changes to take place.

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