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Island 6 Architecture: Building Community Spaces

What are the basic elements of a building? How do architects use scale models? What do architects have to consider when they're designing a new space or building? At this Island, POP students will explore these questions by building a community space with the ArcKit GO  2.0 building kit. 


Architecture: Building Community Spaces

The Challenge:

POP students are challenged to learn about architecture using the ArcKit GO  2.0 building set to build a community space.


Collect Information:

Before designing your community space, you should collect information about the people who will use that space.

  • What is the space going to be used for?

  • Where will it be built? How much space is available for building?

  • How big does the space need to be for people to use it correctly? 

  • Who will use the space? What are their specific needs? 



Architecture is the design and construction of buildings. A person who designs buildings is called an architect. 


  • gather information about the building they are designing

  • understand what materials work best for different purposes

  • use math to create a drawing of the building so a contractor can build the structure

Engineering Design Process

How will you improve a machine?

The Engineering Design Process are the steps professionals (like engineers) follow to make sure they design the best solutions for the problems they are trying to solve.

It starts by finding a problem to solve and then learning more about that problem. After some research, they enter into the design cycle, which is where they design a solution, build it, test it, evaluate it, and then enter into the cycle again and again to improve the design.

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