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Comic Life-Storytelling

POP students are challenged  to pick a super power and create a comic strip about their heroic adventures using Comic Life.

As super heroes, they will use their talents and powers to help people or to solve a problem.

What Problem Will They Solve?

POP students thought about a problem in the world or a problem that they faced every day.


Maybe they wished they could...

  • Do all of their homework with just one blink of an eye.

  • Fly so they didn't have to walk to school when it is cold/warm outside.

  • Spread joy to those who are sad.

  • Stop bullying at school.

  • Put out a forest fire or stop a tornado.


Why Do People Like Comics?

Comics Tell A Story

Comics Have Order

The sequence or order of the images helps to tell the story.

Comics Use Images and Words

Comics tell a story with images and usually words. Some comics use both images and words, and others only use images.

Comics Make You Laugh

Many comics have a funny side. Authors write comics to make you smile and laugh. 

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