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Colby Code and Go

Robotics and Control Technology

When POP students begin learning to code, they create a series of step-by-step instructions in a language that computers and robots understand.

A robot is a machine. It is controlled by programs.

The process of figuring out why code doesn’t work like one expect is called troubleshooting. Troubleshooting is an important part of coding, and all coders do it!

Colby Finds Cheese

Robotics and Control Technology

Actions: The “action” code instructs Colby to do one of three random actions – move forward and back, squeak, or chirp (with light up eyes).

Wherever a challenge card has a lightning bolt, Colby must go to that place on the maze and do an action.

Tunnels: Wherever a challenge card has a tunnel, Colby must go through it on his way to get the cheese.


Core Concepts 

Programming Colby

  • Code is a language that computers understand.

  • Coding is creating a set of step-by-step commands for a computer.

  • The set of step-by-step commands is called a program.

  • Robots are controlled by programs.

Extending With Colby

Programming a Challenge with Colby

Each POP team will design a maze and create one rule. Pairs will then program Colby to solve each other’s maze challenge.

Here are examples of rules:

  • Colby has to go over every square in the maze.

  • Find the shortest path to the cheese.

  • Colby must go through each tunnel backwards.

  • Draw a cat and put the drawing on a square. Colby must avoid the cat!