Island 2 Pixie: Introducing Your Family or State

Digital Communication

Learn how to create labeled pictures with Pixie software's Family Profile activity. Then, learn fun facts about your state as you add pictures, drawings, labels, and shapes to create a state diagram.


Pixie: Introducing Your Family or State

Digital Communication

The challenge is to use Pixie to teach about a state. Students will create a reference map of their state after learning how to use Pixie through a Family Portrait activity. Pixie is a graphics program that can be used to make art, stories, presentations, and more.

Pictures Tell A Story

Have you heard the expression, “a picture is worth a thousand words”? It means that pictures often communicate ideas better than words alone. 

Let’s say an ice cream shop wanted to interest you in a delicious ice cream brownie sundae. 

Do you think it would be better to list all the ingredients, explain how it is made, and tell you about the taste?…or just show you a picture?

It is best to communicate in ways that make the most sense for your message (what you want to say) and your audience (who you want to speak to).