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Island 2 Animation-ish: Wiggledoodle and Flipbook

Digital Communication

POP students will learn how to  animate their own drawings using Wiggledoodle-ish and FlipBook-ish.


Animation-ish: Using Wiggledoodle and Flipbook

Digital Communication

What is Animation?

Animation uses pictures and motion to tell a story or show action.

Animations can be simple like a bouncing ball. Animations can also be complex like a whole movie.


How does Animation Work?

Animation tricks the brain into thinking there is motion. Animation rapidly plays images. 

The images are almost the same. When pictures change quickly and only have small changes between them, your brain thinks there is movement. This is called an optical illusion.

What is Animation-ish?

Animation-ish allows you to animate your ideas!

By making small changes in your pictures, they will appear to move. 

You will use Wiggledoodle-ish and FlipBook-ish to animate your drawings. 

Wiggle and Flip What?

POP students will use Wiggledoodle-ish to learn the basics of animation. They will draw three pictures and play them fast.

FlipBook-ish allows POP students to draw lots of pictures. Having more drawings allows them to create a longer, more detailed story.

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