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POPCS SmartLab Rotation 3  

Island 3

Gravity Maze

The challenge is to use the force of gravity and tower playing pieces to get a ball to fall from the Start Position to the Target Tower. See how many challenges they can solve!


Island 4

Engino Cams and Cranks

This island will allow student to explore how to transmit power using cams and cranks for back-and-forth or up-and-down motion.


Island 5

 Google Earth

The challenge is to choose a place of interest in either the United States or around the world and create a customized map of that location.



Island 6

 Sphero Bolt

Robots only do what you tell them to do. 

The challenge is to learn how to program Sphero Bolt to do whatever you want it to. In order to drive the Sphero Bolt, you must qualify by passing a driving test!


Island 1

 Squishy Circuits

The challenge is to complete the circuit and light an LED using the Squishy Circuits kit. Students will explore series and parallel circuits along with conductors, insulators, open, and closed circuits. 


Island 2

The challenge is to use Animation-ish to make drawings that come alive with Wiggledoodle-ish and FlipBook-ish. Learning Wiggledoodle and FlipBook allows POP students to quickly animate stories and ideas.


Island 7 
Lux Blox

POP students are challenged to build a track that allows a marble or small ball to travel from top of the run to bottom in the shortest amount of time. Your ball must stay on the track. Your marble run must have at least two towers and a bridge that connects the two towers. 

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