POPCS SmartLab Rotation 1  

Island 1
Scratch Level 2

POP students will discover more advanced programming techniques in Scratch. Students will explore the many sample projects available in Scratch and on the Scratch website. They will then pick one and reprogram it to something different.

Students will also use Scratch to create an animated, interactive greeting card. Maybe they can use it to surprise someone special!


Island 5
 Photoshop Level 2- Selective Color and Text Layering

POP students will learn how layering allows them to do all kinds of advanced project work in Photoshop. They will learn how to use this feature while they create black and white images with color elements. Students will also Integrate text into their Photoshop projects. They will explore text layers and layer styles.


Island 6
LEGO EV3 Level 3 -  Decisions, Loops and Switches

POP students will explore advanced programming techniques using loop and switch commands. Then apply their new knowledge and test their robot on the challenge board!


Island 2
 Fischertechnik Static 2 - Level 2 Heavy Loads

 POP students will expand their engineering skills with more advanced projects used to calculate Mechanical Advantages (MA). They will design and build simple machines that use engineering principles to gain sufficient mechanical advantages to lift heavy loads.


Island 3
 Vernier Sensor: Measuring Heartrate Level 2

POP students will learn how the heart and cardiovascular system works. They will use the Vernier heart-rate monitor to conduct a variety of experiments on heart rates and human physiology. Students will design their own research experiment using the Vernier heart-rate monitor, computer interface and analytical software.


Island 4
 Punch Home Design Suite-Level 1
House Design Interior-Landscape Design

POP students will discover the world of architecture. They will explore principles of home design as they create detailed plans for a house with Punch Home Design Suite. Students will learn principles of design as they create beautiful interiors for their "client" homeowner. Lastly, they will discover the many factors landscape designers must consider. Then they will create their own landscape plan in Punch Home Design Suite.