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Island 3 Gravity Maze

Mechanics and Structures

Students will explore gravity as they work to solve marble drop puzzles. The challenge is to use the force of gravity and tower playing pieces to get a ball to fall from the Start Position to the Target Tower. There are over 60 challenge cards to solve!

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Gravity Maze


What is Gravity?

Gravity is an invisible force. It pulls things toward each other. The bigger the object, the more mass it has, and the more it pulls. Smaller objects are attracted to and are pulled toward bigger objects.

Gravity in Gravity Maze

Gravity Maze uses gravity and towers with angled surfaces (ramps) to guide a ball down from the Start Position to the Target. If there is an obstacle (like a ramp) in the way, a ball cannot fall straight down. However, if the obstacle is on an angle, the ball will roll down toward the lower side since gravity is still pulling the ball down. By maneuvering the towers so that the ramps connect, you can guide the ball down to the Target Tower.

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