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Island 6 Sphero Bolt

Robotics and Control Technology

Robots do only what you tell them to do. Learn basic robotic control and programming with Sphero Bolt. The challenge is to learn how to program Sphero Bolt to do whatever you want it to. Students will start by completing the Blocks activities, which will teach them how to program in Sphero's unique block-coding language. Then, when they are ready, they will write their own unique program for Sphero Bolt to follow. 

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Sphero Bolt


What is a Robot?

Robots are computer-controlled machines. They are often described as electro-mechanical machines because they blend electronics (sensors and computer programs) with mechanics (the way a robot is built and how it moves). Mechanics and electronics are both important parts of how robots perform tasks.

Sphero Bolt is a Robot

Sphero Bolt might not look like much more than a ball, but it is actually a robot with sensors and mechanical parts. It can roll with high speed and agility, showcase animations on its LED matrix, do tricks, respond to sensor data, and even play games. Sphero Bolt comes with an application (app) that allows you to control its behavior. Once you learn to control Sphero Bolt, you will understand more about robots and how they work. The instructions you give Sphero Bolt can be simple or complex.

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