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Island 4 Punch Home Design Suite Level 1 Interior Design

Computer Graphics

POP students are challenged to explore principles of home design as they create detailed plans for a house with Punch! Home Design software.


Island 4 Punch Home Design Suite Level 1 Interior Design

Design Specifications


People who develop formal, specific plans for the design of buildings are called architects. Architects attend colleges and universities to learn about the art and engineering necessary to create buildings that are functional, attractive, and structurally sound. Architects must earn a professional degree in architecture, complete a period of professional training, and pass licensing examinations.


Home Designers

Home designers specialize in designing structures such as single-family homes and agricultural buildings. Unlike architects, home designers are not required to have a degree or hold a professional license to work in most states. However, reputable home designers apply to be Certified Professional Building Designers, which requires the completion of extensive coursework and passing rigorous exams to earn their certification.

When Does a Space Become a Place?

A space could become a "place" when it is memorable, creates a feeling, or when it invites or requires a person’s care.

Architecture is sometimes described as defining space with purpose and intent. 

While a house is being designed and built, attention is paid to the various elements that make up the building – walls, floors, ceilings, stairs, etc. However, when the building is finished and being lived in, it is the space between the walls, floors, and ceilings that becomes the focus. The individual parts of a home matter in the way they define and affect the spaces in between.

Designing a house involves manipulating spaces; a designer determines the size, shape, lighting, decoration, and other features. All of these factors determine how a space functions and how it feels. Together, all of the building elements help create a feeling sometimes called a “sense of place”.

When we walk into a room or building it often creates an impression. We may feel like a space is formal, casual, professional, modern – sometimes even creepy. When a space is functional and conveys the sense of place that was intended, it is a successful design.

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