Island 5 Level 1 - Snappy Code Combos Using Snapino


POP students work through some of the pre-designed Snapino Circuits projects. Use what they learn to create a single project that combines ideas from two or more coded circuits.


Island 5 Level 1 - Snappy Code Combos Using Snapino

Using Snap Circuits and Snapino

Combining Snap Circuits and Arduino

POP students have  worked with both Snap Circuits and Arduino in the past. Snapino combines the complexity of the Arduino microcontrollers with the convenience of Snap Circuits circuitry.

In the Snapino kit, students will find some standard Snap Circuits wire connectors, input devices, and LEDs. Students will also find an Arduino Uno mounted to a Snap Circuits adapter board. This adapter allows them to attach Snap Circuit pieces to some of the inputs and outputs of the Arduino. 

While the Snapino board does not have access to all of its input and output pins through snap-on connections, all pins on the Arduino can be programmed and accessed directly on the microcontroller using the red snap-to-pin wire found in your kit. 

Key Learning Objectives at this Island:

  • Basic ideas behind electricity and circuit design

  • General use of Arduino microcontrollers

  • General use of Snap Circuits parts

  • Familiarity with basic Arduino C++ code