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Island 3 Comic Life 3

Digital Communication

Comics are a great way to communicate humor, events, stories, and information to others in a creative and visual way. POPCS students' challenge is to make a comic recreating a life event of a famous historical figure.

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Comic Life 3

What Students Will Learn:

  • The types and purposes of different comic structures

  • How to plan and format your own comic 

  • Basic tools of Comic Life


Why Do People Like Comics?

Comics are a form of visual communication that often combines words, images, and creative panel layouts to tell a story. They can be informative, funny, action-based, and even educational. 

People often read comics for an easy-to-follow, artistic, and entertaining story. There are many comic styles and formats that have their own unique appeal

Comic Formats

A comic can be a single panel or image box showing one scene, a several panel "strip" that shows a brief series of events, or even an entire book that tells an in-depth story.

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