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Island 5 Engino
Creative Engineering

Mechanics and Structures

Students will build and explore  and  take their first steps in engineering with a diverse theme-based kit that develops critical STEM skills, like how to think, design and build in 3D by finding creative solutions to real-world engineering problems.


Engino: Creative Engineering

Engino Creative Engineering


Engino building STEM sets will empower POP students to engage with real-life problem solving while developing critical and engineering design thinking. The set includes a huge library of parts, both structural and mechanical, so that POP students working in teams or individually can brainstorm, model their ideas and develop solutions trying several iterations.

The challenge at this island will enhance creativity and imagination while also teaching a variety of STEM principles. These activities cover the subject of Simple Machines in an encompassing and fascinating way. These mechanisms offer a mechanical advantage and are crucial elements of many machines and devices. They are designed to multiply or reduce force, increase or decrease speed and convert one type of motion to another. 

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